Emperor Constantius II: Chaste Clerics Keep Their Property and Tax Dodgers Don't Hot

Emperor Constantius II: Chaste Clerics Keep Their Property and Tax Dodgers Don't

Emperor Constantius II

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Emperor Constantius II decrees that bishops and priests whose chastity is celebrated may retain their property. However, lower ranks of clerics who only joined the clergy in order to benefit from tax exemptions must give up 2/3 of their property.

The decree states:

"A bishop shall not be compelled by anyone to give up his property to the municipal council, just as was formerly established ... when it is established that the lives of the ... clerics are outstanding and are pure in every virtue, such clerics ... may retain their own property, especially if it is requested by the voices of the whole people.

But if someone creeps in by the use of fraudulent tricks, if the decurions do not testify openly before a judge, and if the people do not make a request, the aforesaid clerics must surrender their patrimony to their children, who shall be their substitutes for the performance of the compulsory duties of the municipal councils. If these clerics should have no children, they must surrender two thirds of their property to their near kinsmen... " [CTh 12.1.49]


Emperors of Rome: Constantius II

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