Birth of Constantius II, Future Roman Emperor Hot

Birth of Constantius II, Future Roman Emperor

Emperor Constantius II

Timeline of History

Constantius II (Flavius Julius Constantius Augustus) is born in Sirmium, located in modern Serbia. The third son of Constantine the Great, he becomes emperor of Rome with his two brothers, Constantine II and Constans, when their father dies in 337.

Constantius' brothers will be unable to rule together, and their fighting leads to the death of Constantine II. Constans will then be killed by a usurper, Magentius, whom Constantius II defeats in battle.

This will leave Constantinus II sole ruler of the Roman Empire.

Soon, though, he discovers that the Roman Empire is simply too large to manage single-handedly, so he raises two cousins to the rank of Caesar to help him manage day-to-day affairs.


Emperors of Rome: Constantius II

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