Election of Sixtus II as Pope, Will be Beheaded by Emperor Valerian

Election of Sixtus II as Pope, Will be Beheaded by Emperor Valerian

Pope Sixtus II

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Sixtus II is elected pope. He will be an early victim of the anti-Christian persecutions under Emperor Valerian, who has the pope beheaded.

Pope Sixtus II will be more conciliatory than his predecessor, Stephen I, when it comes to the question of what to do with lapsed Christians (the Christians who have given in under persecution by renouncing their faith, turning other Christians in to the authorities, or handing over scriptures for destruction).

Pope Sixtus II will ultimately break off relations with Bishop Cyprian of Carthage over the question of whether lapsed Christians should be rebaptized before being allowed back into the Church, or if they should simply repent. Sixtus will be willing to let bishops decide what to do in their own areas of control and accepts the existence of both practices.

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