Osama bin Laden Offers Truce Deal to European Nations

Osama bin Laden Offers Truce Deal to European Nations

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An audio tape allegedly made by Osama bin Laden offers to end terrorist efforts in European nations which withdraw their troops from the Middle East.

Bin Laden says:

"I am offering a truce to European countries, and its core is our commitment to cease operations against any country which does not carry out an onslaught against Muslims or interfere in their affairs as part of the big American conspiracy against the Islamic world. The truce will begin when the last soldier leaves our countries.

This war brings billions of dollars to big companies, either to those that manufacture weapons or those who reconstruct Iraq, like Halliburton and its sister companies. And from here it becomes clear who benefits from the outbreak of wars and bloodshed: war traders and vampires who administer world politics from behind the curtain."

European leaders reject the offer and strongly denounce what they consider to be blackmail.


Purported Bin Laden Tape Offers Truce To Europe April 15 2004

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