New York's Msgr. Clark Blames Sexual Abuse Scandal on Homosexuality and America's Low Morals Hot

New York's Msgr. Clark Blames Sexual Abuse Scandal on Homosexuality and America's Low Morals

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Monsignor Eugene Clark of the Catholic Archdiocese of New York blames the sexual abuse scandal on American attitudes towards homosexuality.

Clark says:

"The tendency to homosexuality is a disorder, not a sin, but the practice of homosexuality is truly sinful. ...

Homosexuality became in the American exchange of views a protected area. And unfortunately...homosexual students were allowed to pass through seminaries. Grave mistake.

Not because homosexuals in anyway tend to criminality, but because it is a disorder and, as a disorder, should prevent a person from being ordained a priest."

Monsignor Eugene Clark goes on to describe America as the most immoral country in the world:

"Liberated sex is offered to people all day long, all evening long. There is nothing quite like it. We know — we won't mention it outside the cathedral — we are probably the most immoral country certainly in the Western hemisphere and maybe the larger circle because of the entertainment we suffer and what it's done to our [country's] morals...

So if the 3% [of clergy] were touched by that, we ask God to forgive them for it. We ask God to help remedy a situation which might be way beyond the control of the holy father and the apostles."

In 2005, Monsignor Eugene Clark will resign as rector of St. Patrick's Cathedral after it's revealed that he's been having an affair with a church secretary — a woman whose marriage Clark officiated at. Despite castigating American culture as being "sex saturated," Msgr. Eugene Clark has been having sex with this secretary, 33 years his junior, and paying her a salary of $100,000 per year.


Catholic Church: Sex abuse scandals

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