United Methodist Church Rejects Change to Church Law About Homosexuality

United Methodist Church Rejects Change to Church Law About Homosexuality

Bishop Judith Craig

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Delegates at the General Conference of the United Methodist Church reject, by a 60% majority, a proposal to eliminate language in church law that declares "we do not condone the practice of homosexuality and consider this practice incompatible with Christian teaching." This passage was only added in 1972 but opposition has been growing..

Despite the failure of this vote, opponents of the passage will continue advocating for grater equality and inclusiveness in the United Methodist Church.

In the meeting's opening speech, Bishop Judith Craig says:

"The church we order must be an open house, where Jesus sits at the doorway and welcomes all who come. ...

We yearn for a holy community that embraces sexuality as a good gift of creation rather than something about which to be embarrassed or to interpret and define in ways that exclude persons from full participation in the life of the church."


Testimony Advocating for GLBT Inclusion in the United Methodist Church

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