Una Gaillot Threatened With Excommunication for Stand Against School Integration Hot

Una Gaillot Threatened With Excommunication for Stand Against School Integration

Archbishop Joseph Francis Rummel

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Una Gaillot, a Catholic mother who has been threatened with excommunication for organizing protests against the decision to integrate church schools in the Archdiocese of New Orleans, releases to the public the letter she has received notifying her of the decision. Gaillot also calls a press conference to dispute the accusations against her.

The letter from Archbishop Joseph Francis Rummel says in part:

"[You] promoted flagrant disobedience to the decision to open our schools to ALL our Catholic children and have even threatened and incited others to take reprisals, legal and otherwise, against our action. ...

In the spirit of fatherly solicitude we deem it our duty to admonish you that any further attempt by you through word or deed to hinder our order or provoke our devoted people to disobedience or rebellion against the Church will subject you to excommunication."

Una Gaillot tells reporters:

"The letter contains false statements and accusations. I want an explanation of these charges, and I'm patiently waiting to go before Archbishop Rummel to clear up this matter. ...

The full truth is not out. I have never incited or threatened anyone to help me at any time. I am innocent of these charges and accusations. ...

I did not do this to humiliate the archbishop, but I had no alternative. I sincerely believe that Archbishop Rummel does not want to integrate."

Because she does not heed the warning, she is excommunicated on April 16. Until at least 2004, Una Gaillot doesn't set foot in a Catholic church again.

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