TV Coverage Begins of Army-McCarthy Hearings on Communist Infiltration of Army

TV Coverage Begins of Army-McCarthy Hearings on Communist Infiltration of Army

Senator Joseph McCarthy
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ABC begins gavel-to-gavel television coverage of the Army-McCarthy hearings which had begun on March 16. Broadcasting these hearings provides the American public with direct evidence of the behavior of Senator Joseph McCarthy, especially with regards to communism: recklessness, bluster, and bullying. This media coverage will factor heavily in McCarthy's decline in popularity and power.

Senator Joseph McCarthy first started looking at the army back in 1953, and in particular at the possibility that the Army Signal Corps laboratory at Fort Monmouth had been infiltrated by communist spies. Although the investigation doesn't turn up anything, McCarthy accuses the army of being "soft" on communism. The army, in turn, accuses McCarthy of trying to get special privileges for Private G. David Schine, a close friend of Roy Cohn, chief counsel on McCarthy's subcommittee.


Army-McCarthy Hearings

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