Reichstag Resolution Would make Hitler 'Law Lord,' Override Any Legal Decision

Hermann Goering addresses the German Reichstag, submitting a "super enabling act" resolution drafted by Adolf Hitler and giving him even greater dictatorial powers than he previously held. It will make him "law lord," giving him the power to overrule any legal decision in the nation.

Goering says:

"There can be no doubt that, in the present time of war in which the German Volk struggle for "to be or not to be," the Führer must possess the right claimed by him to do all that serves the struggle for victory or contributes to it.

Therefore — without being bound by existing regulations — in his capacity as the Führer of the nation, as supreme commander of the Wehrmacht, as head of government, and supreme bearer of the executive power, as supreme Law Lord, and as leader of the party, the Führer must be able at all times to order every German — whether he is a common soldier or officer, low or high-ranking administrator, or judge, leading or lesser functionary in the party, worker or employee — to fulfill his duties by all means that appear appropriate to him; and if he neglects these duties, the Führer must be able to assign him a suitable punishment following a conscientious examination, irrespective of so-called acquired rights, and, in particular, without initiating prescribed procedures, to relieve him of his office, rank, or position."

In his own address to the Reichstag, Hitler says:

"I, for my part, acknowledge another precept which says that man must deal the final blow to those whose downfall is destined by God.

So, what must happen, will happen. If, however, in the life of a people, judgment and reason seem to have been silenced, that does not necessarily mean that there is no thinking organ present where from outward appearances the only causes are stupidity or stubbornness."


Herman Goering - Ambition without Conscience

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