Bishop Hans Meiser Issues Message of Praise for Hitler

Bishop Hans Meiser Issues Message of Praise for Hitler

Bishop Hans Meiser

The Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Bavaria issues an announcement, written by Bishop Hans Meiser, praising Adolf Hitler on his birthday.

Bishop Meiser says in his message:

"On this day more than any other, the entire German people feels bound to that man who has taken the fate of the Greater German Reich in his hands and is leading it through the tribulations of war. The parishes of this regional church commemorate his thankful intercession.

They promise once again to loyally carry out the duty which God has called them to. In this, they perceive their contribution to the work of the Führer, which through the gospel of Jesus Christ carries the German people to the source of all power, strengthens them for battle, and prepares them for any sacrifice."


Christian Hitler Invoking God - Gott Mit Uns

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