Vatican Newspaper Criticizes Austria's Cardinal Innitzer After Nazi Takeover of Austria Hot

Vatican Newspaper Criticizes Austria's Cardinal Innitzer After Nazi Takeover of Austria

Cardinal Theodor Innitzer, Archbishop of Vienna

L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican's official newspaper, publishes a note in which it criticizes the recent statements of Austria's Cardinal Theodor Innitzer.

In the wake of the Nazi takeover of Austria, Cardinal Innitzer has been praising the Nazi Party and has even gone so far as to recommend that all Austrian Catholics vote in an upcoming plebiscite to approve of the Anschluss of Austria with Nazi Germany.

This recommendation has been made without Vatican approval and its controversial, political nature is something the Vatican objects very strongly to.

L'Osservatore Romano says:

"As a consequence of various interpretations, often deliberately misleading, even in quarters where one would have expected something different, concerning the well-known declaration of the Austrian episcopacy, we are authorized to announce, purely as a matter of fact and independently of any consideration or question of a political nature, that it was formulated and signed without any previous consultation with or subsequent approval of the Holy See and under the sole responsibility of the Austrian episcopacy itself."


Österreich im Jahr 1934

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