Bishop Michael Gallagher Endorses Father Coughlin's Anti-Semitic Radio Program

Bishop Michael Gallagher Endorses Father Coughlin's Anti-Semitic Radio Program

Father Coughlin, 1935

Michael G. Gallagher, Bishop of Detroit, gives his endorsement of the radio program of anti-Semitic and fascist-sympathizing priest Father Charles Coughlin.

Bishop Gallagher says:

"The first question: 'Who is ecclesiastically responsible for the addresses of Father Coughlin?' I am, as bishop of the Catholic diocese of Detroit. The second question: 'What does the imprimatur mean?' It is the right to print. It happens that I not only find in Father Coughlin's addresses nothing against faith and morals but I do most heartily approve their content. It is content based on truths which I have directed him to preach.

Third question: 'Does Father Coughlin represent the American hierarchy?' No. Some are opposed to his doctrine, some to his methods, and some to him personally. Question four: 'Does he represent the Catholic Church?' In the sense that he is and authorized priest of the Catholic Church, yes. ...

I pronounce Father Coughlin sound in doctrine, able in its application and interpretation. Freely I give him my imprimatur on his written word and freely I give my approval on the spoken word. May both be circulated without objection throughout the land. Under my jurisdiction he preaches the just codes of the old law and its commandments.

He teaches Christ and the fathers and the doctors of the church. He preaches the encyclicals and applies them as he has been ordered to do.

Until a lawful superior rules otherwise, I stand steadfastly behind this priest, Father Coughlin, encouraging him to do the will of God as he sees it and I see it."

This comes as Father Charles Coughlin is preparing for the first meeting of his National Union for Social Justice.


Father Coughlin Before the 1936 Election

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