German Nazi Government Issues Second Gleichschaltung Law Hot

German Nazi Government Issues Second Gleichschaltung Law

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In Nazi Germany, the government issues the Second Law for Synchronization of the States with the Reich (Zweites Gesetz zur Gleichschaltung der Länder mit dem Reich).

Also known as the Zweites Gleichschaltungsgesetz ("Second Synchronization Law"), this law is designed to reinforce Nazi power over the country. Every one of the German states gets a Reichsstatthalter (proconsul) who is empowered to act as state president, creating state governments by appointment.

Since the German states had just been given total authoritarian power over their territories, the Reichsstatthalter appointed by the central government has total authoritarian power over their territories, completely free from any interference from other politicians or institutions.

Only Prussia, the most populous German state, doesn't get its own Reichsstatthalter — Adolf Hitler reserves the right to appoint all of Prussia's government for himself.


Gleichschaltung im Dritten Reich

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