National Socialist Meeting Places Raided and Searched Across Germany Hot

National Socialist Meeting Places Raided and Searched Across Germany

Adolf Hitler Reviews a Parade of SA troops in Nuremberg, 1935
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Police all over Germany raid National Socialist meeting houses to carry out the orders from President Hindenburg to completely ban the Nazi paramilitary organizations — the SA and SS. There is no resistance, but some are arrested after they are caught trying to remove documents.

Adolf Hitler reacts defiantly:

"We'll be back 600,000 strong. Our storm troopers were suppressed once before when we had only 20,000. When the ban was lifted we had 60,000.

I tell you we'll get eight to nine million votes in the Prussian elections on the 24th. Together with Hugenberg's nationalists we'll take over the power and the ban on the troopers will be lifted."

Hitler is right about the upcoming state elections in Prussia: the Nazis will receive just a bit over 8 million votes, taking them from just 9 seats in the parliament to 162 seats.

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