Wilhelm Frick Issues Decree for Protection of German People From Negro Culture Hot

Wilhelm Frick Issues Decree for Protection of German People From Negro Culture

Wilhelm Frick

Timeline of History


Wilhelm Frick, Minister of the Interior and Education in the State of Thuringia, issues the decree Wider die Negerkultur für deutsches Volkstum (For the Protection of the German People from Negro Culture) in which he deplores the degenerate nature of "Negro" culture.

The decree states:

"For years now, in nearly all areas of culture, the influence of alien races has been prevailing and threatening to undermine the moral strength of the German people. Prominent among these have been things like music for jazz bands and percussion, Negro dances, and Negro plays which glorify Negro doings and are a slap in the face of German cultural sensibilities.

To do all that is possible to forestall these signs of decay lies in the interest of preserving and strengthening the German nation."

The police are given the task of preventing ""the infection of the German Volkstum by racially-foreign non-culture" and "to preserve, advance and strengthen German art, German culture and the German Volkstum in the positive sense."


Nuremberg Day 218 Frick Judgment

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