German Elections: Paul von Hindenburg Defeats Catholic Centre Party Candidate Hot

German Elections: Paul von Hindenburg Defeats Catholic Centre Party Candidate

Adolf Hitler & Paul von Hindenburg

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In the second round of the first Weimar presidential elections, Paul von Hindenburg (48.3%) defeats Catholic Centre Party candidate Wilhelm Marx (45.3%). Ernst Thälmann of the Communist Party only receives 6.4% of the votes.

Although he runs as an independent, Hindenburg is the preferred candidate of nearly everyone on the right. Those voting for Hindenburg hope and expect him to end the Weimar government from the inside, reestablishing the pre-Weimar social and political structures.

The office of president is, in the Weimar Republic, incredibly powerful, so Paul von Hindenburg could potentially destroy the Weimar democracy if he wanted to — and as Adolf Hitler does in a few years.

That is not Hindenburg's goal, however, which leaves a lot of conservative and right-wing voters very disappointed. These are the people to whom candidates like Hitler will try to appeal to.


1932 Hindenburg for re-election

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