Death of Psychoanalysis Hermann Rorschach, Creator of the Ink Blot Test Hot

Death of Psychoanalysis Hermann Rorschach, Creator of the Ink Blot Test

Hermann Rorschach
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Hermann Rorschach dies in Hrisau, Switzerland. Hermann Rorschach entered the field of psychoanalysis at a time when it was really coming of age and was starting to be used as a basis for examining and critiquing many areas of society and culture.

One thing the field was lacking, however, was a clear means for measuring and evaluating unconscious emotions — and this was where Rorschach came in.

Rorschach's father was a painter and he himself had for a while considered following his father in this, a context which may have played a major role in Rorschach's work in psychoanalysis. He developed a test in which patients would be asked to look at ink blots and explain what they thought the patterns looked like.

This was supposed to help the psychiatrist determine what sorts of things were going on in the person's unconscious.


Rorschach Inkblot Test

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