Count Czernin Speaks About Brest-Litovsk Peace Treaties, Jewish Citizenship

Count Czernin Speaks About Brest-Litovsk Peace Treaties, Jewish Citizenship

Minister for Foreign Affairs Ottokar Graf Czernin
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In Vienna, Austrian Minister for Foreign Affairs Count Czernin addresses the City Council about the Brest-Litovsk Peace treaties with Russia, Romania and the Ukraine. Regarding upcoming peace negotiations with Romania in particular, he declares that Jews must become full citizens.

Count Czernin says:

"It is obvious that in the peace with Rumania we shall take precautions to have our interests in the questions of grain, food supply, and petroleum fully protected.

We shall further take precautions that the Catholic Church and our schools receive the state of protection they need, and we shall solve the Jewish question.

The Jew shall henceforth be a citizen with equal rights in Rumania."

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