Allan L. McDermott Gives Speech in Congress on Evils of Antisemitism

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On Easter, Allan L. McDermott (D, NJ) gives a speech in the House of Representatives on the evils of Antisemitism. In particular, he wants to defend Jews against the common accusation of having killed Christ.

Allan McDermott says:

"With the approach of Easter come the stories of the threatened massacres in Russia. Men and boys, women and girls, babes in mothers' arms, are to be slaughtered by savage bigots, in whose brains the Russian Greek Church seems to have left no trace of mercy.

In the name of Christ and the Cross men called Christians have tortured and slaughtered men, women, and children during 1800 years. Around the stake, in the torture chamber, and on the field of battle. Christian soldiers have been transformed into wild beasts, sparing no one.

Persecution of the Jews because they are Jews is today tolerated in but few parts of the Christian world, so far as the statute books go, but the spirit that is breathed in the words 'Christ killer' is found in the eyes and on the tongues of Christians in the New World as well as in the Old.

The statement that Jesus Christ was crucifIed by the Jewish Nation is the wickedest falsehood that ever fell from human lips. If Christ was a mortal, if he was the son of Joseph and Mary, he was crucified by the Romans. If he was the Son of God, he was crucified by the direction of his Father. Under neither proposition can the Jews be held accountable.

Christ was put to death not for assailing the Mosaic law, but because he was accused of treason to Tiberius. He was not stoned to death under the Mosaic law. He was crucified under the Roman law.

If an omnipotent God orders anything done, the human instruments selected to carry out his orders cannot be charged with the acts commanded. The doctrine of repondeat superior applies. If what happened could have been prevented by the Romans or by the Jews, then the New Testament is worthless. Let us assume that the Jews crucified Christ. Could they have done otherwise? Were they greater than God? According to the Bible, the crucifixion was arranged for by the Father. Why blame the Jews or the Romans or any other mortals? They did not know what they were doing.

The Roman soldiers did not believe that they were crucifying the son of God; they did not know they were crucifying God himself. Why blame the instruments? Why persecute the descendants? According to the Synoptic Gospels and according to John, the arrangements for the crucifixion — every detail — were made by Almighty God, and were known to Christ.

If it is reprehensible for the Jews not to believe, is not their punishment prescribed? Are they not to suffer in hell everlasting? Are they not to be boiled and baked and burned through countless trillions of years? This will, as I understand it, be sufficient to satisfy an offended God. Why then, should the prospect not be sufficient to satisfy those who believe in peace on earth, good-will to man, and the hereafter?"

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