Birth of Erich Ludendorf, WWI German General Hot

Birth of Erich Ludendorf, WWI German General

General Erich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludendorff
Source: Wikipedia

Erich Ludendorff is born in Posen. One of the most important German generals during World War I, Ludendorff will become a important figure in right-wing nationalism in post-war Germany.

He participates in two unsuccessful coups during the Weimar Republic: the Kapp Putsch in Berlin and the Beer Hall Putsch in Munich, the latter with Adolf Hitler.

Erich Ludendorff is never a member of the Nazi Party and in fact doesn't particularly like Hitler or the Nazis. However, he does provide them with much-needed credibility at a crucial time. Ludendorff also develops the military theory of "Total War," the idea that if a nation is going to engage in war, it should devote its entire physical, material, and moral resources towards winning — an idea which Adolf Hitler and the Nazis strive to make full use of.


Erich Ludendorff

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