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Birth of Physicist Max Planck

Max Planck
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Physicist Max Planck is born in Keil, Germany. Max Planck's work on thermodynamics of radiation will lead him to play a major role in the development of quantum physics.

The principles behind quantum theory allow scientists to resolve many discrepancies between observation and classical physics, but it is a revolution which was not fully appreciated immediately and which will not be embraced by everyone because it seems to make predictions which were incompatible with common sense about how the world appeared to work.

Max Planck will oppose the policies of the Nazi government in Germany, particularly when it comes to the persecution of Jews. However, he will consider it a patriotic duty to remain there rather than emigrate like so many other intellectuals and scientists. Unfortunately, one of his two sons will be implicated in a plot to assassinate Hitler and as a consequence is executed in 1944.


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