Election of Pope Sixtus V, Fiery Opponent of Protestant Reformation

Election of Pope Sixtus V, Fiery Opponent of Protestant Reformation

Pope Sixtus V
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Sixtus V is elected pope. A fiery opponent of the Protestant Reformation his work while a priest was directly supported by powerful figures in the Church, including Cardinal Carafa (later Pope Paul IV), Cardinal Ghislieri (later Pope Pius V), and St. Ignatius of Loyola.

As pope, he will continue his efforts to defeat Protestantism by sanctioning Philip II of Spain's plans to invade England and restore it to Catholicism, but ends in a humiliating defeat for the Spanish Armada.

That isn't the only time Pope Sixtus V decides that violence is the best way to solve a problem — he only brings peace to the Papal States by eliminating groups of bandits (and by executing thousands of them).

He increases the papal treasury by collecting new taxes and selling various offices, he builds or refurbishes numerous churches throughout Rome, rebuilds the Lateran palace, finishes construction of the dome of St. Peter's Basilica, and he erected many new monuments and buildings.

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