Death of Pope Gregory XIII, Ardent Critic of German Protestants

Death of Pope Gregory XIII, Ardent Critic of German Protestants

Pope Gregory XIII
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Pope Gregory XIII dies. Born Ugo Boncompagni, Gregory XIII is best known for commissioning a calendar that ends up being named after him: the Gregorian Calendar. That wasn't all there was to his pontificate, though.

Pope Gregory XIII played an important role at Council of Trent (1545, 1559-63) and was a vociferous critic of German Protestants. He even went so far as to hold a public thanksgiving at Rome for the Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre.

As part of his effort to combat the heresy of Protestantism, Pope Gregory XIII founded numerous colleges and seminaries in Europe for the purpose of teaching and promoting the "true" Christian faith.


A Short History of the Modern Calendar

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