Birth of Guy Fawkes, Man Behind the Gunpowder Plot

Birth of Guy Fawkes, Man Behind the Gunpowder Plot

Guy Fawkes
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Guy Fawkes, a key figure in the "Gunpowder Plot" conspiracy, is born. His family does not start out Catholic, but after his father dies his mother marries a recusant Catholic and Guy Fawkes himself choses to convert to Catholicism.

In 1591 his strong Catholic sympathies will be demonstrated when he sells his father's estate and participated in the Eighty Years War in on the side of Catholic Spain and against the Protestant Dutch. Spain and England are not actively fighting each other, but they are technically still in a state of war and it's only been five years since the Spanish Armada had been sent against England.

Thus while Guy Fawkes may not take up arms against England, he will take up arms on behalf of England's enemy.


Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot

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