Death of Pope Agapitus I, Adopted Stronger Stand Against Heresies

Death of Pope Agapitus I, Adopted Stronger Stand Against Heresies

Pope Agapitus I
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Pope Agapitus I dies in Rome. Agapitus adopted a stronger stand against heresies like Arianism and Monophysitism than his predecessors had.

For example, he issued strict instructions to ban them from exercising any clerical offices whatsoever, totally removing them from influence over churches.

From the very start of his reign Pope Agapitus I struggled with serious political conflicts with emperor Justinian in Constantinople. Justinian sought to restore as much of the old Roman Empire as possible and bringing Italy back under the direct control of the Eastern Roman Empire was a key part of his plan. Pope Agapitus opposed this, however, and pawned sacred objects to finance a trip to Constantinople to change Justinian's mind.

He failed on that issue, but he managed to convince Justinian to depose the patriarch of Constantinople, Anthimus, because of his Monophysite views. Pope Agapitus I then consecrated Mennas as the new patriarch but died before being able to return to Rome.

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