Byzantine Emperor Basiliscus Sends Letter to All Bishops Supporting Monophysitism Hot

Byzantine Emperor Basiliscus Sends Letter to All Bishops Supporting Monophysitism

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Byzantine Emperor Basiliscus sends out a letter to all the bishops in the empire in support of Monophysitism, a position which is currently heresy in Christianity.

Basiliscus' predecessor Emperor Zeno tried to negotiate a compromise between the Monophysites and the orthodox Christians but failed.

Emperor Basiliscus' support for the Monophysite heresy makes him very unpopular in Constantinople and he doesn't help matters by fighting with the Patriarch of Constantinople over a variety of issues. As a result, Zeno will return to power in 476, killing Basiliscus and his entire family.

This struggle between Basiliscus and Zeno ensures that leaders in the East are too preoccupied with their own problems to do anything when the German soldier Odovacer deposes Western Roman Emperor Romulus Augustus in 476.

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