Roman Law States Christian Clergy Aren't Exempt From Public Service

Roman Law States Christian Clergy Aren't Exempt From Public Service

Theodosius I
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Emperors Valentinian I, Arcadius, and Theodosius I issue a new law stating that Christian clergy aren't exempt from public service and if they cannot service, the office will get property from them.

This new law states:

"In the case of those who have acquired heavenly privileges, We stipulate that if any of them is already held by the bonds of sacrosanct religion and the post supervisor cannot obtain their services, the public post shall acquire their property" [CTh 8.5.46]

So even if you are a member of the Christian clergy, you must still do your time serving in a public office or you have to pay to make up for what the public is losing.


Emperors of Rome: Valentinian I

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